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Talking About Impotence With Your Partner

If you start experiencing the symptoms of impotence, or if you have been suffering in silence with the condition for some time, you should discuss your concerns with your partner. By discussing your worries, you can prevent any problems from causing damage to your relationship.

The possible effects of not sharing your problem with your partner include:

  • They could be upset that you are less interested in having sex with them
  • They may feel that you no longer find them attractive
  • They could assume you are having an affair
  • They might assume you're having doubts about your sexuality

They may feel that you want to end the relationship

man needs support from his partnerIf you choose not to confide in your partner, they may feel that they are at fault or are to blame for the lack of intimacy in your relationship. It's very important that you reassure your partner this not the case and that your problem is not connected to them in a direct way.

How can my partner help my problem?

By confiding in your partner you will be able to gain their emotional support, which can help you to overcome your impotence problem. Experts agree that if you have the support of your partner, you have a higher chance of successfully overcoming your impotence problem. They can provide support to you by either accompanying you to the doctor to discuss your problem in order to seek medical advice and treatment, or just to be sympathetic and understanding towards your condition. Your partner may also be able to help you to achieve an erection that you alone might not be able to do, by experimenting with different types of foreplay.

Seeking help for your impotence problem

Impotence can put a strain on even the most stable relationship, which is why it's so important that you seek help to treat your problem. By seeking professional medical advice, you will be protecting your relationship from being worn away by the lack of intimacy that impotence can cause.

Treating impotence

Your doctor may prescribe prescription medication, like Cialis or Levitra, if they believe the underlying cause of your impotence is physical. If they believe your impotence is caused by psychological reasons they may suggest that you and your partner see a counsellor to talk through your problem. If a counseling service is unavailable you can call Relate, which is a support organisation that helps couples with impotence related problems. They can offer you an experienced counseling service at a reasonable cost. Their phone number can be found on their website and the fee they charge is calculated in accordance to your earnings.

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