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Buy Betnovate online in 30g, 100g or 100ml in the UK

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Haemorrhoid treatment is available in a cream, ointment or lotion form at OnlineClinic and uses corticosteroid solution to reduce itching and inflammation to heal an outbreak of piles fast. Used on external haemorrhoids, you can buy Betnovate in a 30g cream or ointment, 100g cream or ointment, or 100ml lotion.

With flexibility in the type of solution you can purchase, the dosages and how Betnovate is applied, this corticosteroid solution is highly effective and can be ordered from OnlineClinic after a free, quick online consultation.

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How to buy Betnovate online?

It is important to treat haemorrhoids (piles) swiftly before inflammation and discomfort increases. With this in mind, you can buy effective solutions such as Betnovate online, complete with quick consultation and speedy delivery. When ordered before 4.30pm, you will receive your treatment the next day. Betnovate can reduce inflammation, any itching or discomfort and shorten the duration of the condition, allowing you to continue without hassle. It is also available in a number of dosages and topical solutions to suit you.

At OnlineClinic, you can buy Betnovate 30g, 100g or 100ml in cream, ointment or lotion solution without booking a face-to-face appointment or heading to the pharmacy. We will deliver the next day straight to your door. All of our medication is discreetly packaged so you can get your Betnovate treatment delivered to your workplace or shared accommodation confidently.

What is Betnovate?

By reducing inflammation and any discomfort, Betnovate then works at curing piles, decreasing the length you experience the condition significantly, in comparison to not using any treatment at all. Also known as a corticosteroid treatment, Betnovate can also be used to treat the scalp and is extremely versatile, available in three formats (cream, lotion and ointment). The application of Betnovate can vary slightly depending the dosage and solution you choose and is detailed below.

Short facts about Betnovate
How to use

Betnovate is available in lotion, cream and ointment solutions and are all applied directly to the infected area. Typical application is two to three times a day.

How it works

Betnovate is applied directly to the skin with the active ingredient being absorbed resulting in near immediate reduction in the symptoms of piles. The active ingredient in Betnovate is betamethasone.


Betnovate cream is available to buy in 30g and 100g, Betnovate ointment is available to buy in 30g and 100g and Betnovate lotion is available to buy in 100ml.

Side effects

Side effects are particularly rare for Betnovate users but can include skin irritation, skin pigmentation and stretch marks. Side effects can significantly reduce further when the solution is used sparingly.

How does Betnovate work?

Betamethasone is present in every type of topical solution available for Betnovate. Like all haemorrhoid treatments, Betnovate is applied directly to the skin meaning it gets to work quickly by reducing swelling, pain and itching caused by the condition. Being a corticosteroid solution, it is absorbed into the skin where the active substance is released acting as a steroid, targeting the inflammation with near immediate relief.

How to use Betnovate?

The application can vary slightly depending on whether you have a lotion, cream or ointment and the patient leaflet is attached. Please read this thoroughly before application. However for all three solutions, there is a guideline you can adhere to:

  • Wash your hands and infected area thoroughly
  • Make sure your hands are dry
  • Pat, don't rub, the infected area dry to avoid further irritation
  • Use the solution sparingly to avoid side effects
  • Typical application is two to three times a day

The length of the application varies for Betnovate because it can be used for other skin conditions as well as piles but the treatment is only for short-term use. If you find your symptoms not improving over time, contact your doctor for further information.


You can buy Betnovate in a 30g cream or ointment, 100g cream or ointment or 100ml lotion. This will depend on your preference as well as the doctor's recommendation after completing an online consultation.

Side effects and precautions

As Betnovate is applied directly to the skin, there are minimal side effects, especially in comparison to oral tablets that are ingested and absorbed directly into your system. It is advised to use Betnovate sparingly as irritation can occur, although this is highly unlikely with Betnovate as the dosage is so small. Some side effects include skin pigmentation and irritation and stretch marks.

Betnovate precautions that could result in you being offer alternative treatment including the following:

  • If you are allergic to any ingredients
  • If you have liver or kidney issues
  • If you have severe acne or rosacea
  • If you're pregnant or breastfeeding

When buying Betnovate, it is essential that you complete the consultation fully, stating any medical history or current medication to ensure the treatment is completely safe for you and highly effective.

Treatment Information

Treatment Information
Product Name: Betnovate
Active Ingredient(s): Betamethasone Valerate
Manufacturer: Glaxo Smith Kline
Administration: Topical
Presentation: Tube
Available Dosage: 30 g, 100 g, 100 ml
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Application: Men and women over 18 with haemorrhoids
Posology: Apply directly to the affected area
Description: Betnovate is an effective treatment for haemorrhoids and works to reduce swelling and relieve itching
Drug class: Potent steroids
Alcohol consumption: No known influence
When breastfeeding: Caution is recommended, ask your doctor and read the leaflet thoroughly for each treatment
When pregnant: Caution is recommended, ask your doctor and read the leaflet thoroughly for each treatment
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