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Hair Loss Treatments

If you are beginning to lose your hair, there are several hair loss treatment options available for you to choose from. Your choices range from a prescription medication to over-the-counter treatments to surgical procedures.

Prescription treatments

Many men choose to use a prescription medication as their hair loss treatment of choice rather than an over-the-counter alternative because the safety and efficacy claims are backed up by numerous clinical studies. A prescription requires the approval of a doctor, which means you can be sure that you are taking a medication which is suited to your health and lifestyle. There is currently only one prescription medication has been designed as a hair loss treatment, and that is Propecia.

Alternative treatments

A popular alternative to prescription medication is an over-the-counter hair loss treatment, which usually comes in the form of lotions or creams. They usually need to be applied at least once daily and often lack clinical data to back up their claims of success. Many men are tempted to choose over-the-counter treatments because they are often cheaper than the alternatives despite their lack of clinical evidence. Regaine, which contains the active ingredient Minoxidil, is an exception to this, as it is proven to halt the process of hair loss.

Surgery is also an option, but it is not very common because it can be very expensive, as well as invasive and sometimes painful. Surgical procedures for hair loss can include hair transplants and scalp reduction. As this option provides more immediate results, it can be a preferable option for some men.

Ordering hair loss treatments online

Here at OnlineClinic, we only offer treatments which are proven to produce results and require a prescription to ensure they are also safe for you. You can order Propecia today to stop the process of male pattern baldness. If you order from OnlineClinic, you will benefit from our discreet and efficient service. This includes a free online medical consultation, which will be reviewed by a qualified doctor, and free overnight delivery. If you would like to order Propecia today, just click on the consultation button below to begin the process.

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