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Hair Removal Treatments

Hirsutism is extremely treatable and there are various methods and procedures that can be used. These vary in cost and how they are administered. Sometimes a single treatment isn't enough on its own and various treatment methods can be considered. Treating hirsutism isn't just about hair removal, but also about dealing with the cause of the hormone sensitivity or imbalance. Below is a list of different methods in which unwanted facial hair or body hair can be dealt with effectively.

Topical creams as hair removal treatments

Vaniqa is a prescription medication that is applied topically to the areas where you would like to reduce hair growth. It's discreet and can be applied at home and is much less invasive or expensive than cosmetic options such as electrolysis and laser hair removal. Women who find that they can't use anti-androgenic oral contraceptives as hair removal treatments might find using Vaniqa helpful. It's safe for both menopausal as well as premenopausal women to use.

These types of hair removal treatments work by inhibiting hair follicles so that hair doesn't grow as fast as it normally would. The idea of this proven hair removal treatment is to eventually make it less necessary to use your conventional hair removal methods. Even if you aren't using conventional hair removal methods, hair falls out naturally from the hair follicle as part of its growth cycle, which means that using Vaniqa can stall the growth of a new hair in its place.

Oral medications as hair removal treatments

As mentioned, other hair removal treatments that can be used in this case could include oral contraceptives such as Dianette. These have an anti-androgenic effect, which means that they can combat the hormones that are responsible for this additional hair growth. These contraceptives will usually contain a combination of artificial progestogen and oestrogen.

There are also other oral medication that can be used for hirsutism, however they aren't prescribed specifically for the treatment of hirsutism and will need to be recommended off-label by a specialist. These treatments will normally only be considered after the use of oral contraceptives or topical creams haven't been successful. These treatments include gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogues, insulin-sensitising medication, anti-androgens or finasteride.

Cosmetic solutions as hair removal treatments

It's always a good idea to visit your doctor before considering hair removal treatments to ensure that there isn't a serious underlying health problem responsible for excessive growth, however, cosmetic solutions can be considered if prescription hair removal treatments aren't working quickly enough, or you need additional help removing excess hair.

Shaving, bleaching, waxing or plucking are all methods that are perfectly fine for women to use to improve the appearance of unwanted hair. However, these methods carry risks of their own, as bleach could cause skin irritation, while plucking and waxing can cause damage to the hair follicle.

Electrolysis is a procedure that damages the hair follicle and inhibits hair regrowth permanently, however it can be costly and could potentially cause scaring.

Laser hair removal treatments, similarly to electrolysis, work by destroying hair follicles. However, it works with principles of laser light wavelength technology. It can be time consuming and expensive and isn't suitable for all skin colours.

Weight loss as part of hair removal treatment

If your BMI is higher than 30, it could be causing your body to produce more androgens than it is supposed to. Losing weight could lead to drastically reduced androgen production in your body, which could result in a more natural form of hair removal.

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