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Herpes Virus Treatments

The herpes virus can be distressing because it is incurable, but there are herpes virus treatments available to help control and in some cases prevent outbreaks. There are also steps you can take to reduce the discomfort of an outbreak, even if you do not want to take prescription medications.

Prescription herpes virus treatments

Many choose to take prescription herpes virus treatments to alleviate the painful symptoms of the viral outbreaks. The different strains of the virus can manifest as shingles, genital herpes or cold sores, and all three of these conditions can be treated by one of three prescription herpes virus treatments. These medications are Aciclovir, Famvir and Valtrex, and they are all proven to effectively treat the infections caused by the herpes virus.


Aciclovir for cold sores

Aciclovir is proven to reduce the time it takes for cold sores to heal as well as alleviating the painful symptoms of the cold sore. The recommended dosage is 200mg five times every day for a duration of five days.

Aciclovir for shingles

Aciclovir is able to reduce the length of the shingles outbreak as well as lessening the severity of the symptoms. It is most effective if it is taken in the early stages of the infection.

When prescribed for shingles, the dosage of Aciclovir is usually four tablets taken five times every day for one week.

Aciclovir for genital herpes

Clinical studies have shown that Aciclovir is a very successful herpes virus treatment for genital herpes, alleviating painful symptoms and reducing how long the outbreak lasts. One 200mg tablet five times every day for five days is the commonly prescribed dosage for this purpose.

Alternative herpes virus treatments

Though the virus is incurable, there are a number of herpes virus treatments available to treat outbreaks. Prescription medications like those discussed above are particularly popular because they are backed by clinical data, but some people may choose not to take them due to personal preference or medical unsuitability. There are a number of herbal remedies said to relieve the pain of herpes, including tea tree oil and aloe vera, as well as homeopathic herpes virus treatments such as hepar sulphuris, but their safety and efficacy cannot be verified because they have not undergone any clinical trials.

Ordering herpes virus prescription treatments online

You can order any one of the three prescription herpes virus treatments here at OnlineClinic. We provide a discreet and efficient service, with your privacy and security our highest priority. If you order from OnlineClinic, you will benefit from our many years experience as a leading online clinic.

To order Aciclovir, Famvir or Valtrex, you simply need to select the medication you need in order to begin the ordering process. You will need to complete a brief medical consultation so we can be sure that the medication you choose will be safe for you, as well as effective. Once this has been determined, one of our doctors will issue you a prescription, which will be filled and dispatched by our partner pharmacy for free overnight delivery.

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