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Pack of 28 Lisinopril 2.5mg oral tablets
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  • Acts as an ACE inhibitor and therefore helps widen blood vessels
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High Blood Pressure

Information about high blood pressure (hypertension)

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a condition where too much pressure is being pumped through the arteries via the heart to the muscles and organs. This pressure can then put strain on the heart, potentially causing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and issues with eye health.

Once high blood pressure has been diagnosed, these harmful conditions, as well as high blood pressure itself, can be prevented/treated respectively by making effective changes to your lifestyle and by taking blood pressure treatments. These treatments can be quickly and securely ordered here today at OnlineClinic.

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure (also referred to as hypertension) is a condition where the heart is pumping blood in the blood vessels with too much pressure. This then causes strain on the arteries as well as the heart. High blood pressure can then potentially lead to serious conditions, such as heart failure, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, or kidney disease. These conditions can be avoided by effectively treating high blood pressure with prescription medication and lifestyle changes.

This condition is highly common and affects one in three adults in the UK. To be more specific, clinical studies have estimated that 18% of men and 13% of women are currently dealing with high blood pressure, but are not taking treatment[1].

Measuring high blood pressure

Blood pressure is measured as two numbers; systolic (mmHg) and diastolic. Systolic pressure is when the heart beats with blood at its highest pressure. Diastolic is when the heart relaxes in between beats.

High blood pressure is recognised as having a measurement of 140/90mmHg or above. This is classed as 'hypersensitive'. This measurement would reveal that blood pressure in vessels when the heart beats is 140, whilst blood pressure between beats (when the heart is resting) is 90.

An individual can't be diagnosed as having high blood pressure unless their blood pressure is consistently high. Therefore, blood pressure should be monitored regularly.

The below table will show you how to measure high blood pressure accurately:

Category of blood pressure Systolic Diastolic
Normal Below 120 Below 80
Pre-hypertension 120 – 139 80 – 89
Hypertension – Stage 1 140 – 159 90 – 99
Hypertension – Stage 2 160+ 100+

High blood pressure causes

Blood pressure is classified by doctors as either primary or secondary. Primary is when there is no underlying health condition that is causing an increase in blood pressure, however there are certain risk factors that has been associated with the development of primary blood pressure. These factors could be age, genetic predisposition, ethnicity, lack of exercise, regular high consumption of alcohol, smoking, stress, a diet containing foods high in salt and caffeine and being overweight.

Secondary blood pressure is generally diagnosed when the rise in blood pressure measured is as a result of another disease. Conditions, which can cause a rise in blood pressure, are kidney disease, diabetes, Cushing's syndrome, lupus and other conditions that affect body tissue. Taking oral contraception, recreational drugs, herbal remedies and painkillers like ibuprofen can also contribute.

High blood pressure symptoms

Many people don't always know that they have high blood pressure until they start to develop health problems as a result of it. Symptoms of the condition itself may include:

  • Blurred or double vision
  • Nose bleeds
  • Shortness of breath
  • A constant headache

It is important that you arrange to see your doctor if you notice any of these signs of high blood pressure. However, not everybody will experience symptoms; therefore it's important that adults get their blood pressure checked regularly.

Early detection is vital and depending on your blood pressure levels, you may only need to make a few lifestyle changes to improve your condition. An ideal blood pressure reading is considered to be below 120/80mmHg, but 130/80mmHg is also normal. A blood pressure reading of 140/90mmHg or higher, on multiple occasions, is usually a cause for concern.If your blood pressure is high, a doctor will normally take a few readings over a period of time to eliminate factors, such anxiety or the white coat effect. A blood pressure kit to monitor your blood pressure at home may also be recommended.

Treating high blood pressure

People who are at an elevated risk of developing high blood pressure, such as those who are overweight, have family with high blood pressure, are from Caribbean or African descent (i.e. hereditary reasons), who follow a diet high in salt, drink a lot of coffee, are over 65, don't exercise enough, don't follow a balanced diet, smoke, or consume large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis should have regular check-ups with their doctor and need to consider making some lifestyle adjustments.

Giving up smoking, learning to relax, losing weight, reducing salt and alcohol intake and becoming more active can all reduce the likelihood of developing high blood pressure or help to control blood pressure if it is already a problem.

If your blood pressure is already high, a doctor may choose to prescribe a blood pressure medication to help keep your blood pressure under control. These treatments are usually long-term and you may have to take a combination of treatments for the best results. Some of the treatments prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure are:

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors - This type of medication helps relax blood vessels to facilitate blood flow better and can also reduce the amount of water in the blood, reducing the volume of plasma travelling through your blood vessels. This type of medication is usually recommended to patients in their 50s.

Calcium channel blockers - Calcium blockers work to widen arteries by preventing calcium from entering the muscle cells that line blood vessels. This is because the smooth muscles in arteries need calcium to contract and narrow. They are recommended for people to use in their 50s and are particularly effective in those of African or Caribbean descent.

Diuretics - Remove excess water and salt from the body through urine, often used in combination with other medications.

Alpha – blockers - Alpha-blockers also work by allowing blood vessels to relax, however it's normally recommended when other treatments that do the same haven't worked.

Beta – blockers - Causes the heart to beat more slowly, reducing pressure on the arteries and heart. They are mostly recommended when other high blood pressure treatments have not been effective.

Preventing high blood pressure

Listed below are some tips and methods that can be followed to successfully prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure (hypertension):

  • Checking your blood pressure once per year (this may be required more frequently if your blood pressure increases)
  • Quitting smoking
  • Taking part in regular exercise
  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet
  • Sustaining a healthy weight that is ideal for you
  • Keeping your salt intake at a moderate level
  • Sticking to the recommended guidelines for alcohol consumption

The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet in particular can be very useful when attempting to avoid high blood pressure. This diet includes healthy and balanced food, such as vegetables and low-fat dairy foods, as well as wholegrain foods, nuts, fish and poultry. This diet attempts to limit salt (sodium), saturated fat, trans fats, red meats, confectionary and sugary beverages.

Buying treatment

Lowering your blood pressure in an effective, yet safe manner is essential when treating high blood pressure. Amlodipine, Bendroflumethiazide, Lisinopril and Ramipril are prescription treatments taken in the form of tablets. They are available to buy here at OnlineClinic in order to lower blood pressure and sustain a healthier blood pressure level moving forward. High blood pressure medications can be ordered quickly and securely online at OnlineClinic for free with no obligation. To learn more about these high blood pressure treatments, please visit their respective product pages.

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