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Femulen is a contraceptive pill that only contains progestogen. It’s almost as effective as the combined pill, but the absence of oestrogen means it’s safe for a wider population of women to use, including those breastfeeding, women over 35 or women who smoke. Femulen pills are the only hormonal contraceptive suitable for vegans and contain the active ingredient ethynodiol, which helps prevent pregnancy in two ways.

Femulen is a mini-pill which contains synthetic progestogen. It is a highly effective contraceptive method when taken correctly and due to the lack of oestrogen has a relatively low risk of side effects. Women who smoke, are breastfeeding or are particularly sensitive to oestrogen may find mini-pills like Femulen more suitable for them.

What are the benefits?

Femulen is the only contraceptive suitable for vegans because it doesn't use animal-derived ingredients.

The absence of oestrogen means there's less risk of developing oestrogen-related side effects like water retention, breast tenderness and nausea. It means this pill can also be taken by a wider population of women, including smokers, women over 35 and breastfeeding mothers.

How does it work?

Femulen pills, like Cerazette pills, only contain an artificial progestogen called etynodiol, which works to prevent pregnancy at every stage. It thickens the cervical mucous to stop sperm reaching the womb and prevents the womb lining from thickening so a fertilised egg can't develop.

Some women find that this contraceptive prevents ovulation; it can trick the body into thinking an egg has already been released so the ovaries don't release any other eggs. This isn't experienced by every woman, which is why it's marginally less effective than the combined pill.

Who can take it?

The absence of oestrogen means more women can use a mini pill contraceptive treatment like Femulen. If you've experienced negative reactions to combined pills or if you can't use oestrogens because you're breastfeeding, over 35, a smoker or have a history of blood clots, a mini pill may be the most suitable contraceptive for you.

Certain health conditions may prevent you from be suitable for the mini pill, including a historic or existing case of liver cancer, gallbladder disease or diabetes.

Some medications will speed up the breakdown of hormones in this pill, making it less effective. This is why it's important that you provide the details of any medication you may be using.

How do you take it?

You must take Femulen every single day, at the same time. If you forget to take a pill, Femulen can stop working in three hours.

If you forget to take a pill and three hours have passed, you'll need to use a condom or other barrier contraceptive for two days, because the pill will no longer work properly.

Are there any side effects?

Femulen doesn't contain oestrogen, which means that you won't develop oestrogen-related side effects when using this progestogen-only pill.

This pill is known to cause weight changes, which can be common. It can also cause uncommon side effects, which are experienced by few women, including changes to libido, dizziness, increased hair growth and increased fibroids.

If your side effects are persistent, severe or they concern you, you should see a doctor.

How can I buy the mini pill online?

Femulen can no longer be purchased at OnlineClinic. However If you think that the mini pill could be right contraceptive treatment for you, you may be able to buy other alternatives in the form of Cerazette or Noriday online from OnlineClinic. We ask all patients to complete a consultation which will reviewed by a qualified doctor usually within the hour. The doctor will check your medical history to make sure it's safe for you to buy a mini pill contraceptive.

We send all medication via free next day delivery, which helps our patients to begin using their medication as soon as possible. If you buy the mini pill from today, you could be protecting yourself from pregnancy tomorrow.

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