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OnlineClinic is a safe, secure and discreet clinic that allows you to order prescription medication online with complete confidence.

We specialise in most conditions that you may find uncomfortable discussing with your doctor,
such as STI's and erectile dysfunction, as well as common lifestyle conditions like high blood pressure and asthma.

Our Process is Very Simple
TREATMENTChoose the required
treatment and dosage for your condition
CONSULTATIONTake a quick all-inclusive consultation to confirm your medical details
PRESCRIPTIONThe doctor reviews and
issues your prescription if approved
DELIVERYPharmacy dispatches your treatment for free next day delivery
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Our Privacy Policy complies with all the rules and regulations stipulated by the EU Ethics Committee. Doctor-patient confidentiality protects all information that is shared between our doctors and patients and will not be shared with any outside parties.

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Our medical team consists of UK doctors, qualified pharmacists and experienced
medical advisors to ensure you get the best possible healthcare.