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Diet Pills

Over the past few years there has been a lot of media attention surrounding the effects of diet pills. With a lot of media attention also being paid to the rise in obesity levels and how being overweight is putting a huge strain on the NHS it can be difficult to decide which side of the fence to sit on.1 People have been able to buy diet pills online for a while, which has meant given them the ability to self-medicate, however unfortunately the content of many of these slimming aids are unknown and has led to serious side effects. There are a variety of different diet pills available which has led to many questioning which is the safe option. The best way to find out is to go over each of them and ascertain whether the risks outweigh the benefits.

What are the different types of diet pills?

Prescription slimming pills

Prescription slimming pills are given only after a person has undergone a medical evaluation to ensure they are a suitable option. This includes checking the BMI, which usually has to be above 30 for a general practitioner to prescribe them. If a patient has health problems that could be helped by losing weight such as diabetes, benign intracranial hypertension and mobility then it can be prescribed to those with a lower BMI.


Xenical are the only slimming pills that are available on prescription in the UK. The pros to this these slimming pills are that they have been thoroughly tested. Part of the testing is to check how safe they are for human consumption and in particular the use in patients that need to lose weight.


The downsides are that like any medication there can be side effects. These are most common in people that continue to follow a high fat diet.

Appetite suppressants

If you are looking for diet pills and weight loss supplements you will more than likely come across appetite suppressants. These diet pills work by helping the stomach think that it is full so that the user does not feel hungry, or as hungry.


The upside to appetite suppressants is that you don't need to feel hungry as most people do while dieting. This allows the user to cut down their food without having to constantly think about their stomach rumbling.


The downside is that when they are no longer taken the user can put any weight lost back on quickly. Being full after taking them may help the user to cut down the amount they eat, but they can still consume fatty foods without side effects so that behavioral pattern is not broken.

Buying diet pills online is not always a safe option, especially when bought from overseas. Although they work for some there are so many different brands with a variety of ingredients that you cannot be 100% that they are safe, especially if you have medical conditions.

Natural diet pills

Natural diet pills – these diet pills and weight loss aids are made up from natural ingredients which reduce the risk of them containing something that could cause short or long term damage to your body.


Many are suitable for people that are vegetarian or vegan, but there is not enough scientific evidence surrounding them to prove whether they are efficient.


The content can vary and they are in the main not proven to be medically effective in helping people to lose more than a few pounds.

Fat burners

These pills contain stimulant ingredients such as ephedrine and caffeine, which has in many Countries been banned due to health risks. They work by making the metabolism faster, thus burning fat at a rate that the body cannot do naturally. They were initially used by bodybuilders to enable them to shed excess weight before competing.


Being able to burn fat at a faster rate can help people to lose a big amount faster than they could without. Less exercise is needed to burn calories so those that don't exercise will still be able to lose weight.


They are renowned for their possible life threatening side effects ranging from heart palpitations and insomnia to cardiac arrest and death.

Fat blockers

Fat blockers such as Xenical stop your digestive system utilizing all of the fat you consume. They block the fat entering your body by stopping it from being broken down the way it usually would. The excess fat consumed but not utilized is passed harmlessly through the digestive system and disbursed when you pass a bowel motion.


The user is able to learn from bad habits such as consuming too much fat, because when they do they will suffer side effects such as diarrhea, gas and stomach pain. This makes them relate eating the wrong foods to feeling ill.


The side effects from eating too much fat can make the user feel depressed and stop them from leaving home in case of an accident.

Water pills

Water pills have been used for generations by people that want to lose weight and they work by helping the body to get rid of excess water. These diet pills usually contain chemicals and should only be used when prescribed for specific conditions. The reason for this is that the human body needs water to survive and will become dehydrated.


They are known to be effective in helping people to lose water weight thus reducing the amount of pressure there is on joints.


Although weight is lost through this method, water that is not excess cannot be differentiated. When excess water is depleted water from your body's organs is then taken instead.

How do they work?

The effects of diet pills can differ depending on the type and brand. The content of the diet pills online can vary greatly due to different manufacturers. Diet pills and weight loss may sound like a great answer to your problem but they should be used in conjunction with a healthier lifestyle including a healthier diet and exercise. They varying effects of diet pills include reducing the amount of water in your body, suppressing your appetite, faster calorie burning and fat blocking.

Are they safe to use?

Xenical being one of the only diet pills and weight loss aids to be prescribed by general practitioners is deemed safe for use by most people. There are cases where the pill can interact with other medications. The reason for this is that if users continue to eat high levels of fat while taking Xenical it can cause diarrhea stopping their regular medication from being absorbed properly. Side effects are generally mild or non-existent in people that change their diet alongside taking the medication.

Stimulant medications have been banned in many countries because of the dangerous effects they have on the human body. There have been many reports of organ damage and death due to using this quick fix to lose weight.

Remedies such as diet pills online have varying ingredients that can be dangerous or at the very least not be proven to be effective. In many cases people have tried the pills and found that they have had little to no effect on their weight. Some users have reported natural remedies working for them; however this is yet to be proven scientifically.

Can you buy prescription diet pills online?

You can do so safely online, although you should be aware that ordering prescription medication online without having been prescribed it is illegal and could result in you taking a medication that is not suitable for you. The other diet pills on the market can contain banned and unsafe ingredients in inconsistent doses.

Those with no scientifically proven results for being effective could be a waste of time and money and are not worth the risk. Taking any type of diet pill or supplement without getting medical advice may not result in you losing weight but could put your short and/or long term health at risk. Using a prescribed medication in conjunction with diet and exercise is proven to work and is the safest method.


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