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Image of impotence logo Erectile Dysfunction
Despite the numerous methods of treatment now available, most people still won't speak to their...
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Male hair loss information, causes and treatmentHair Loss
Male pattern baldness is a common and often embarrassing condition that can affect men of any...
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Premature ejaculation online information in UKPremature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is more common than most people think. 30% of the world's men are believed...
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Online Contraception Information and various medicContraception
We offer a range of hormonal contraceptive pills, the patch and ring, so you can find the one...
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Image of hair removal logo Hair Removal
Excess facial hair (hirsutism) can be upsetting, but it is possible to minimise the effects with...
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Image of OnlineClinic period logoPeriod Delay
Thanks to the help of hormonal contraceptives and other hormonal supplements, delaying your...
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Welcome to OnlineClinic

OnlineClinic is the UK's leading provider of healthcare services and the world's first online clinic. Since our launch in 2002, we have helped more than 300,000 patients to order essential prescription treatments from the comfort and discretion of their homes.

As a licensed online healthcare provider, we specialise in a number of common lifestyle problems that many people may feel uncomfortable seeking treatment for in person. From asthma to female contraception and even STI medication, our premium online clinic service ensure total reliability with a professional procedure is met at all times. One of our registered UK doctors can diagnose and prescribe treatment through our free, confidential online consultation and will only prescribe medication which they are sure will benefit you and your condition. We provide only genuine branded medications from our UK pharmacies, with free next day delivery offered throughout the UK or free same-day delivery within London.

The OnlineClinic Doctors service is provided by e-med Private Medical Services Ltd, which is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) under registration number 1-179645951.

As a reliable online clinic, we provide various treatments for common and even embarrassing conditions such as erectile dysfunction, hair loss, weight loss, smoking and other lifestyle conditions.

  • All medications dispensed from our UK pharmacy.
  • The OnlineClinic Doctors service is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  • Trusted safe and secure as one of the first online clinics in the UK
  • Regulated UK pharmacies offering same or next day medication delivery.