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Lose weight effectively with Xenical

Xenical is the only treatment available on prescription currently approved to help people to lose weight. In clinical trials, people taking this medication, combined with an effective diet and exercise regime, lost almost double the amount of weight when compared to people who were dieting and exercising alone. Xenical works by influencing how much fat is absorbed from food, which means that it doesn’t influence the brain like other treatments and isn’t likely to cause severe side effects, allowing to safely lose weight.

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Are there any benefits when taking Xenical? How do Xenical tablets work? Who is suitable to take Xenical? How do you take a Xenical tablet? Do Xenical tablets cause any side effects? How can you buy Xenical online?
Dr Hilary JonesDr Hilary Jones
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"If, for health reasons, you need to lose weight and you’ve been struggling with diet and exercise alone, taking a prescription medication can help."

Xenical Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any benefits when taking Xenical?

Xenical orlistat is the only clinically proven treatment available in the UK and works by helping to prevent the absorption of up to 30% of the calories you gain from fat contained in your diet. A regulated and controlled study was performed on patients who were eating a reduced calorie diet. After a month of maintaining this diet, part of this group was given this medication while the remaining patients continued with their diet as normal.

After a year had passed, the group taking Xenical orlistat had lost, on average, two times the amount of weight lost by the patients who were dieting without taking Xenical. Over the course three months, the medication was recorded to have helped users to lose 13 pounds, and over 12 months it has helped people to lose up to 19 pounds, making Xenical an effective weight loss treatment for dieters who are looking to safely lose weight.

How do Xenical tablets work?

Xenical contains the active ingredient orlistat. Orlistat works within your digestive system to block about one third of your dietary fat from being absorbed. Enzymes in our digestive system called lipases are used to break down fat and Xenical orlistat attaches to these lipases to prevent them from doing this. This prevents some fat from being absorbed, allowing it to pass through your body.

Who is suitable to take Xenical?

This medication is usually prescribed to people who have been diagnosed as being obese or seriously overweight. To be prescribed this medication, you must have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above, which would classify you as being obese. If your BMI is higher than 27 and you have other health complications, such as high cholesterol, heart disease or diabetes, you may also be prescribed this medication. If you are not sure of your BMI, it can be calculated during your online consultation.

You should not take Xenical orlistat if you are pregnant, nursing, have food absorption difficulties or if you experience reduced bile flow.

How do you take a Xenical tablet?

This medication comes in a 120mg tablet and should be taken as part of a calorie controlled diet. Take your Xenical tablets no more than three times a day with food, or one hour after you have eaten. Your meals should not contain more than 30% of your recommended daily calories from fat, and your daily fat intake should be split evenly across your three daily meals. If you have a meal which does not contain fat, you can safely skip your normal dose.

Because this medication prevents you from absorbing fat, your body may be deprived of some of the essential nutrients that it gets from fat. You would be advised to take a multi-vitamin tablet daily whilst taking a weight loss treatment like Xenical orlistat.

Do Xenical tablets cause any side effects?

Because Xenical causes some fat to pass through your system without being digested, it's likely to cause some changes in your bowel habits. These changes occur during the early stages of the course of treatment, if they occur at all, and may include gas with an oily discharge and an increased number of bowel movements. You may feel an urgent need for a bowel movement and an increased difficulty controlling them if you consume a meal with a higher amount of fat than recommended. The best way to avoid side effects is to eat a balanced diet.

How can you buy Xenical online?

To obtain a prescription for Xenical orlistat, you will need to complete an online consultation when you place an order. This consists of a short medical questionnaire which you will need to complete in full. Your answers will be reviewed by one of our doctors; if they decide that you are safe and suitable for this medication, a prescription will be issued. This prescription will then be forwarded to our pharmacy, which can dispatch your order. Our delivery service is overnight and completely free.

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