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Flixotide is a preventative inhaler treatment that helps to improve respiratory asthmatic symptoms and reduce the chances of an asthma attack. Dispensed daily via an aerosol canister or dry powder inhaler, it works by using the active ingredient Fluticasone propionate, which contains anti-flammable properties to reduce swelling and irritation. Available in the form of either a Flixotide Evohaler or Accuhaler, when used daily it can help to limit the possibility of an asthma attack.

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What are the benefits of Flixotide? How does it work? Who can use a Flixotide inhaler? How do I use the inhalers? What are the possible side effects? Buy Flixotide online
Dr Hilary JonesDr Hilary Jones
Medical Advisor

"Asthmatic symptoms if left untreated could potentially prove harmful. For sufferers of the condition, it is essential to have the right inhaler treatment to hand."

Flixotide Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Flixotide?

Unlike a ‘reliever’ inhaler, which is only effective for immediate alleviation during an asthma attack, the preventer inhaler Flixotide helps sufferers of asthma reduce their chances of experiencing symptoms in the first place. Because it comes in two different types of inhaler, it also gives patients a variation of treatment should they have difficulty using one form of treatment.

How does it work?

Both the Flixotide Evohaler and Accuhaler contain the ingredient fluticasone propionate, which works by targeting the air passages inside the lungs. It effectively lowers swelling and reduces inflammation and irritation of the individual passages, allowing air to move easier. By treating the inflammation, air that is taken into the lungs is less likely to irritate the passages and cause an asthma attack.

It’s important to remember that this treatment is intended to be used daily and not as a reactive medication. You will still need to use a reliever treatment during an asthma attack.

Who can use a Flixotide inhaler?

Most people who suffer from asthma can use a preventative inhaler safely, to help reduce the chances of asthma symptoms. However, if you suffer or have suffered from tuberculosis (TB), are currently using any form of antiviral medication or are taking medications to treat fungal infections, you should consult your doctor first. They will be able to advise you on whether or not this treatment is safe for you to use.

Patients who have milk or lactose intolerances should also use the treatment more cautiously.

How do I use the inhalers?

You should only ever use a Flixotide inhaler as prescribed by a doctor. Generally for the Evohaler, adults and children with mild asthma are recommended 100 micrograms (two puffs) twice per day. The Accuhaler, despite having a different delivery mechanism, has the same recommended dosage for mild sufferers. However it’s very important that you use the inhaler correctly.

You should be able to taste some of the powder on your tongue if you have used this form of inhaler properly.

What are the possible side effects?

Prescription medications always present the possibility of side effects, although for the most part these are usually mild if experienced at all. Common Flixotide side effects include thrush in the mouth or throat, a sore tongue or throat and hoarseness of the voice. These can be counteracted by brushing your teeth or washing out your mouth after using the treatment.

More serious reactions include sleeping problems, joint pains, indigestion and increased blood sugar levels. If you experience any of these, or if any of your mild side effects persist and grow worse, you should consult your doctor immediately for assistance and alternate medications.

Buy Flixotide online

If you would like to purchase an asthma preventer treatment, you can buy the Flixotide Evohaler and Accuhaler from OnlineClinic. All you will need to do is complete a free and easy online consultation which will be reviewed by our team of doctors. If they consider the treatment a safe and effective option for you to use, they will issue a prescription to our pharmacy. Your asthma treatment will then be dispensed and shipped to you free of charge.

Download Patient LeafletFlixotide Accuhaler - Patient Information Leaflet

Download Patient LeafletFlixotide Evohaler - Patient Information Leaflet