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Mercilon is a combined oral contraceptive that, when taken daily, can prevent pregnancy. When taken correctly, Mercilon has proven to be almost 100% effective as a method of contraception. Containing a lower dosage of synthetic oestrogen, this pill is an ideal choice for women who are particularly sensitive to the hormone. Consequently Mercilon is usually prescribed as an alternative to Marvelon.

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What benefits does Mercilon offer? How does this oral contraceptive work? Can anyone take Mercilon? How should you take it? Does this contraceptive cause any side effects? Can I buy Mercilon online?
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Mercilon Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does Mercilon offer?

Mercilon's contraceptive effects will be instant if you begin to take it at the very beginning of your period. Alternatively, you can start up to five days after your period begins; but you will have to use an additional method of contraception for seven days thereafter. Just like other versions of the pill, taking Micronor can help make pre-menstrual symptoms and pain during menstruation less severe.

Research has shown that using Mercilon pills doesn't lead to weight gain, because it contains less oestrogen than most other oral contraceptives. Taking this particular contraceptive over a long period has even resulted in minor weight loss.

How does this oral contraceptive work?

Mercilon is a combined oral contraceptive, which means that it contains two active ingredients, ethinylestradiol and desogestrel, and works in three ways to stop pregnancy. Primarily it prevents ovulation so that no egg gets released for fertilisation. It also causes an increase in the thickness of the cervical mucus so that sperm find it more difficult to enter the womb. In case an egg does get released, Mercilon alters the womb lining so it isn't thick enough for a released egg to fix itself and grow.

Can anyone take Mercilon?

This contraceptive can be used by most healthy women aged 18 or over to prevent pregnancy. It may not be safe to use in certain circumstances which is why it's important to mention any existing or past health conditions, or treatments that you are using, during your consultation. You should not take Mercilon pills if you are currently pregnant or are nursing, have circulatory problems, liver problems, unexplained vaginal bleeding, heart problems or a history of strokes.

How should you take it?

Mercilon should be taken for 21 days of your cycle followed by a seven-day break before starting with your new course. During this seven-day pill-free period, you will be still be protected. When you take an oral contraceptive, you don't menstruate like normal, because you don't ovulate. During this break most women will have a withdrawal bleed, which is very similar to your period, but it's just your body naturally cleansing itself from the contraceptive hormones.

Mercilon pills, just like other variants of the pill such as Cilest or Yasmin, come in calendar packs to help you keep track of when you take your pill. To ensure that you don't take your pill more than 12 hours late, you should try to take it at the same time every day.

Does this contraceptive cause any side effects?

Mercilon side effects are generally very mild and affect very few women. The most common side effects tend to go away when your body adjusts to the hormonal changes caused by the treatment. Possible side effects could include mood changes, breast tenderness, nausea and breakthrough bleeding.

Can I buy Mercilon online?

You can buy Mercilon safely and securely online, but you will need to complete a free online consultation first. This consultation form will provide our doctors with the information they need to determine whether the treatment you have selected is completely safe for you. If your order is approved, our doctor will issue a prescription that will be passed on to our pharmacy. They will then ensure that your contraceptive treatment gets sent out for next day delivery.

Download Patient LeafletMercilon - Patient Information Leaflet