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Ovranette is a popular combined oral contraceptive that is proven to be more than 99% effective in preventing a woman from becoming pregnant. Ovranette works by supplying the body with a dose of artificial oestrogen and progestogen, which works in three ways. It stops ovulation, changes the womb lining and blocks sperm from entering the womb, all which work to prevent pregnancy. This pill can also be used as an effective treatment for endometriosis symptoms.

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Does Ovranette have any benefits? How does it work? Can anyone take Ovranette? How should you take it? Are there any side effects? Can you buy Ovranette online?
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Ovranette Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ovranette have any benefits?

One of the main reasons women choose to use the pill is because it provides convenient and effective contraception that doesn't come at the cost of sexual spontaneity. When taken at the right time during your cycle, Ovranette can provide you with immediate contraceptive cover and protection. In addition to contraception, Ovranette, like Marvelon, can help regulate your menstrual cycle and make it more predictable. Ovranatte is also sometimes prescribed to treat uterine bleeding, endometriosis and menstrual problems such as premenstrual tension and heavy or painful bleeding.

How does it work?

Ovranette contains the two active ingredients ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel; two artificial versions of the female hormones oestrogen and progestogen. The combined effects of these two agents will work in three ways to stop conception. Firstly, the combination of hormones stops ovulation, which significantly reduces the chances of a ripe egg being released for fertilisation. It also works to prevent the lining of the womb from thickening so that an egg can't imbed itself. Finally, it thickens the cervical mucus, which makes it difficult for sperm to pass through.

Can anyone take Ovranette?

Most healthy women 18 years or older can order Ovranette online for contraceptive use. There are some instances, however, in which it is not entirely safe to use this birth control pill. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding will not be suitable for this birth control pill. If you have problems with your liver or heart or have circulatory problems you should not use this medicine. This is why it is so important to mention any health information or medication in as much detail as possible when you do your online consultation. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have heart or liver problems or issues with circulation should not use this medicine.

How should you take it?

Ovranette provides you with immediate protection if you take it on the first day of bleeding during your cycle. If you can't take it on the first day of your period, you can take it up to day five of your period, however, it is recommended for you to use a barrier contraceptive for seven days afterwards, so that the contraceptive effects have sufficient time to become effective.

Ovranette is a 21 day pill; that means that you only have to take it for 21 days of your 28 day cycle. The 21 days is followed by a seven-day period where you take nothing before you start with your next 21-day strip. You will be completely protected during the seven-day pill-free period.

Are there any side effects?

Ovranette, like most oral contraceptives, is very well tolerated. The most common side effects of Ovranette include reduced sex drive, headaches, nausea and slight weight gain but these will fade as soon as you have become used to the additional contraceptive hormones. If you do find that this contraceptive causes side effects, you could be advised to try a different contraceptive in future.

Can you buy Ovranette online?

We offer a consultation service to people who would like to order their medicines online from OnlineClinic. This service is completely free and is required so that we can be make sure that Ovranette is right for you. If your consultation is approved, our doctor will issue a prescription. This will be passed on to our pharmacy, which will make sure that the right treatment gets sent out to you for overnight delivery. If you cannot use Ovranette, then your consultation will be declined without charge, and our doctors will recommend an alternative, if applicable.

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