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Propecia is the only approved prescription medication that is specifically designed to treat male pattern hair loss. It’s been proven to produce results in almost 99% of cases and most men tend to experience visible results within three months of starting treatment. It contains the active ingredient finasteride, which works to prevent hair follicles from being affected by DHT, a testosterone derivative, thereby dealing with the root cause of male pattern baldness.

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What are the benefits of this medication? How does Propecia work? Who is suitable to take Propecia? How do I take Propecia finasteride tablets? Should I expect side effects? How can I buy Propecia online?
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"Hair loss doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of the ageing process for men, especially with the help of prescription treatments."

Propecia Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of this medication?

Propecia finasteride is the only prescription medication approved for the dual purpose of preventing hair loss and encouraging new hair growth.

In clinical tests over a five year period, 99% of men taking this medication enjoyed little or no further hair loss and two thirds of them experienced significant hair growth.

Propecia finasteride is also the most convenient hair loss treatment available as it simply requires that you take a single daily treatment. No messy creams or lotions required. However, it's always recommended that you start treatment sooner rather than later as this can increase the likelihood of hair growing back.

How does Propecia work?

Male pattern baldness is caused by sensitivity to DHT, a metabolic by-product of testosterone, which is common in many men. This sensitivity causes hair follicles to shrink, to the point at which they no longer can grow hair. Propecia includes an active ingredient called finasteride, which helps to prevent your body from producing DHT. This allows your hair follicles to heal, preventing any further damage, and encouraging them to open up and to grow hair again.

Who is suitable to take Propecia?

Propecia is suitable for men over the age of 18 who want to fight male pattern baldness and enjoy a full health head of hair. Propecia cannot be used by women; pregnant or breast feeding women should not even handle the tablets, as finasteride is harmful to unborn and newly born babies.

How do I take Propecia finasteride tablets?

It's advised that you swallow one 1mg tablet with water every day. You can take Propecia finasteride either with or without food.

You will need to continuously take the tablets for three or more months before you experience the best results. Long term use is recommended to gain the maximum benefits. If you stop using thsi medication, it is estimated that you will lose any hair that you have gained within approximately 12 months of ending your treatment.

Should I expect side effects?

The sexual side effects of this treatment can often be a worry for some men but they only affect approximately 2% of men who use this medication. These include a reduced sex drive, difficulty achieving an erection, and a decrease in the amount of semen ejaculated. However, these side effects tend to go away the longer you use this treatment and are unlikely to develop with continued use.

How can I buy Propecia online?

You can buy Propecia safely and securely from OnlineClinic, but you will need to complete an online consultation when you make your purchase. This consultation helps us to ensure you can benefit from this treatment and are safe to take it. Your consultation will be examined by one of our doctors, who can issue a prescription if Propecia is right for you. Once issued, the prescription is forwarded to our pharmacy, which can then prepare and dispatch your medication for overnight delivery.

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