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Box contains 30 tablets of Norethisterone 5mg for oral use
  • Gives you control over your periods
  • Available in 5mg dose
  • Can delay your period by up to two weeks
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Period Delay

How to delay your period with tablets available without a doctor's appointment

Delaying your period can be considered for many reasons. Whether there is a serious exam approaching, you're heading on holiday or on your honeymoon or going to an event with limited access to the bathroom such as a festival, delaying your period for the duration can save you time changing sanitary products and relief from cramps and pain associated with the time of the month.

What are period delay tablets?

Period delay tablets such as Norethisterone are available to buy online in the UK to postpone your period for up to 14 days at a time. Usually taken a couple of days before you are due to start, this offers much more freedom for any event you have planned in the near future. It is proven to be completely safe to delay your period for up to 14 days and whilst Norethisterone can't be taken for more than two weeks, many women find delaying their period for up to this time is more than enough.

Not only does delaying your period reduce time spent changing sanitary products and the possible lack of privacy in certain scenarios, it offers lots more spontaneity and control over when and where your period can start. Other benefits include minimum menstrual symptoms such as cramps and painful periods, with some women offered a dosage of Norethisterone in the advanced stages of breast cancer or to treat endometriosis.

It is also possible to delay your period using your contraceptive pill, if you happen to be taking one, which is detailed below under how period delay treatment works.

Why delay your period

There are many reasons why you'd want to delay your period and it's perfectly safe to do so for up to two weeks. This can differ from business to pleasure for each individual, and all are acceptable motives if you feel your time of the month will hinder an experience or progress. Some occasions can include:

  • Holiday (especially an active or beach holiday but any trip can warrant delaying your period)
  • Long weekend or when visiting friends (you can buy Norethisterone to take for just a couple of days at a time)
  • Festivals or camping (a scenario with limited access to clean functional facilities)
  • Sport (a sporting events like a marathon or swimming event as well as a ski trip or hiking expeditions)
  • Wedding day and honeymoon
  • During a long trip (for a long-haul flight or inter-railing for example, where there is only limited access to facilities)
  • Busy work week (whether you're traveling for meetings or have a lot on your plate)
  • Exam and studying (especially during long sitting exam papers)

How does period delay treatment work?

Period delay medication works by manipulating the hormonal balance in your body, similar to how contraceptives alter ovulation to significantly reduce the chances of pregnancy. This revolves around the active ingredients - synthetic oestrogen and progestrogen - for contraception, and just progestrogen in Norethisterone. Your period can be temporary delayed safely for up to two weeks when buying said medication, and any hormone imbalance is easily rectified when you stop taking the tablets.

On average, most women find they start their period within two to four days after stopping the tablets. Delaying your time of the month doesn't mean the flow will be heavier or cramps more intense though, and you will still only experience one bleed approximately 28 days. The date of the month will just alter.

How long can you delay your period for?

You can delay your period for up to two weeks, although many women find they do not need to take the medication for that long. At OnlineClinic, you can order 30 tablets of 5mg Norethisterone to be taken for a maximum of 10 days.

Period delay treatment

Women over the age of 18 can buy period delay treatment online after a quick consultation. Norethisterone is in a small dosage of 5mg so most women can take advantage of the treatment, and if you are taking contraception, exceeding the cycle by a month can be advised. These are the only two ways to safely delay your period and one may be more suitable for you than the other.


Norethisterone is prescription medication available for the sole purpose of delaying your period. If you intend to have sex within the duration of your treatment, it's important to remember, Norethisterone is not a contraceptive, and you will need to use additional barrier contraception to reduce the risk of pregnancy. It is also ineffective protecting against STIs.


Certain contraceptive pills can be used as effective period delay including Microgynon, Cilest and Yasmin. The mini pill cannot be used as period delay treatment (in this case, Norethisterone might be the most effective option) however many combined contraception options can be. To delay your period using the combined pill, you simply start the next pack start after finishing the last one, avoiding the seven-day break. It is then advised to continue the pack as normal until finished and then experience the seven-day break after two months instead of the usual one. For more information on what combined pills are suitable for period delay treatment, please contact your doctor.

Buying treatment

Specifically produced for period delay, Norethisterone can be used for up to 14 days to delay your time of the month. As it needs to be a taken a couple of days in advance, you can order a 10-day supply from OnlineClinic and get it free of charge the very next day. Alternatively, it is possible to just carry on with the combined pill after confirmation from the doctor. Delaying your period is completely safe to do and offer spontaneity to any occasion you have approaching, whether that's work or pleasure. To buy your supply of Norethisterone ahead of your trip or event, you must obtain a prescription that will take a couple of minutes via our online consultation. For more information on Norethisterone or combined pill options that can be used as effective period delay, check out our additional pages.

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