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Jet lag

More Information on jet lag and how to treat quickly

Jet lag is a physiological condition caused by travelling long-distance via airplane, generally across several time zones. Medically referred to as desynchronosis, it's characterised by the "body clock" struggling to synchronise with the destination time, causing difficulty sleeping and in general disrupting the body's normal rhythm. While not necessarily dangerous to health, it can be extremely uncomfortable and make travelling more physically taxing.

Fortunately you can purchase prescription medications from OnlineClinic that can effectively help your body adjust to the new time zone assisting in avoiding jet lag. This will help ensure that your holiday or business trip isn't hampered by jet lag. All you need to do is complete a free online consultation which gets reviewed by our doctors. They will ensure that the treatment is a safe and effective option for you. We will then dispense your medication and deliver it via free express delivery overnight.

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What is jet lag?

Our bodies have natural rhythms that coincide with the time periods where it's either dark or light outside. This pattern helps the body sleep, eat and regulate body temperature at the appropriate points throughout the day. Jet lag is what happens when the destination of travel is outside the normal time zone, and therefore the natural rhythm, and the body struggles to adapt as it experiences darkness and light at contrary times.

The speed at which the body will adapt is entirely dependent on individual travellers, some might avoid jet lag altogether, but generally it takes a few days when more than two time zones have been crossed. For this reason actual time spent travelling will not contribute, only the distance travelled across i.e. east to west and vice versa.

Jet lag causes

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that increases and decreases in a cycle throughout the day. The body uses this hormone in conjunction with exposure to night and day, to regulate sleep and wakefulness. Jet lag is caused when the body fails to respond quickly enough to the change in time zones during travel and the highs and lows of melatonin that would normally coincide with times of sleep. The result is that the natural balance that has been developed in conjunction with the body's surroundings, light and dark, is out of sync. This causes the body to feel tired during the day and upsets moods.

Jet lag symptoms

Symptoms will depend entirely on the individual traveller, the amount of time zones travelled and the time of day. But commonly reported symptoms include fatigue or insomnia, disorientation or irritability, mild depression, constipation or diarrhoea and headache.

Treating jet lag

If general preparation has not helped or you are planning on travelling soon, a melatonin-based treatment may help you to avoid jet lag. While not licensed as a prescription jet lag treatment, the treatment in question has been proven by numerous pilots and travellers to fight the symptoms and is considered safe.

Preventing jet lag

There are a number of techniques that people have used to help avoid jet lag. Before flying individuals may try to adapt to the destination time zone in advance, possibly sleeping a little later or waking up earlier than usual. During the flight itself, people can also try and sleep according to the night time to which they are travelling while keeping as calm and relaxed as possible.

Finally, upon arrival, spending time outside in natural light has also been shown to help avoid jet lag.

Buying treatment

You can buy our Jet Lag Treatment Pack at OnlineClinic with free overnight delivery. Simply complete an online consultation during your order. This is used by our doctors to make sure that the treatment will be effective and is safe for you to use. Once approved, they will issue a prescription, which is passed to our pharmacy. Here your medication will be dispensed and then delivered directly to you.

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