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Brevinor pill available to order online

  • The package contains 63 tablets of Brevinor® 0.5mg/35μg norethisterone/ethinylestradiol
3 months (3x21 pills) (£31.99)

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3 months (3x21 pills) £31.99
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How to buy Brevinor online?

Brevinor is a combined contraceptive that is preventing pregnancy when used correctly and available in either a three-month dosage or six-month dosage. In the UK, a prescription is required for UK medication that is traditionally issued in person at your local GP. As it can be time-consuming to order contraception through booking and attending an appointment face-to-face, especially for repeat medication you know works, you can buy from OnlineClinic when completing an online consultation.

Brevinor is suitable for the vast majority of women and was designed to prevent pregnancy, however, you can also decide to take the contraceptive to help control outbreaks of acne, to regulate periods or to ease problematic menstrual symptoms such as cramps and flow. After ordering with us, you can take advantage of our even quicker reordering service to buy Brevinor online and receive triggers to remind you to order your next batch.

What is Brevinor?

Brevinor is a combined contraceptive pill under the category of monophasic, meaning each pill has the same dosage and mimics your natural cycle closely so you don't experience sudden mood changes. It is taken for the majority of the month and is highly effective at preventing pregnancy in a number of ways. When used correctly, Brevinor is 99% effective[1] when used correctly and it can be used for a whole other host of benefits including:

  • Controlling acne outbreaks
  • Alleviating menstrual cramps
  • Reducing a heavy flow
  • Regulating the time of the month

With its highly tolerable nature, this means Brevinor doesn't necessarily need to be prescribed just for contraception, but this can be an added benefit, offering more spontaneity in your sex life. Being monophasic, Brevinor is very easy to take, containing both artificial oestrogen (ethinylestradiol) and artificial progestogen (norethisterone) and can be ordered in a three month supply or six month supply.

Short facts about Brevinor
How to take?

Brevinor is taken orally for 21 consecutive days before experience a seven-day break. During the seven-day break, you will have a withdrawal bleed. Brevinor should be taken at around the same time every day.

How it works?

Brevinor tablets work in three different ways to prevent pregnancy. Firstly, it stops your body from producing an egg. In the unlikely event, an egg is produced, the fluids in the vagina and womb lining adjust, making it difficult for the egg to attach to the wall and sperm to reach it.


Brevinor is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly with additional benefits such as clearer skin, reduced menstrual pain and lessening the heavy flow.


Brevnior tablets are only available to buy in one dosage of 500mcg of ethinylestradiol (artificial oestrogen) and 35mcg of norethisterone (artificial progestogen).

Side effects

Mini pills like Brevinor have an unlikely chance of prompting side effects and these tend to clear within three months of taking the medication. These include nausea, headaches and spotting.

How does Brevinor work?

Like all combined pills, Brevinor works in three ways to prevent conception. The most effective way is tricking the body into thinking ovulation has already happened meaning you won't produce the usual monthly egg. If this fails and an egg is released, the pill also thickens the fluid in the vagina and alters the womb lining to make it even more difficult for the sperm to reach the egg. This threefold method is 99% effective[1] in preventing pregnancy when used correctly.

Brevinor can achieve this by impersonating your natural cycle through artificial hormones oestrogen and progestogen. In the case of Brevinor, this is ethinylestradiol and norethisterone respectively.

How to take Brevinor?

Brevinor is taken like any other combined contraceptive pill and is detailed below. When beginning your course of Brevinor, if taken on the first day of your period, you will be immediately protected against pregnancy. If taken any other time of the month, you will need additional barrier contraception for the first seven days.

  • Each blister pack contains 21 tablets taken consecutively
  • After 21 days, take a seven-day break
  • During this time, you will experience a withdrawal bleed similar to a period
  • You are protected throughout the whole 28 days
  • Continue with the next pack after the seven-day break
  • If you miss a pill, effectiveness can diminish

Missing one pill shouldn't reduce the effectiveness Brevinor, however more than one can, so if you have missed a Brevinor pill, please refer to our combined pill page for more information. This includes vomiting and diarrhoea. If you are experiencing one or both, especially soon after you've taken the pill, this could mean the Brevinor tablet hasn't been ingested fully.

Brevinor Dosages

Brevinor is only available to buy in one dosage; 500mcg of ethinylestradiol and 35mcg of norethisterone. This has been proven to not only have maximum protection against pregnancy, but minimal side effects as well. You can order either 63 tablets or 126 tablets at a time, which is the equivalent to three or six months of protection.

Side effects and precautions

Side effects with combined monophasic pills such as Brevinor are highly unlikely. If they do occur, they are usually temporary and/or extremely mild. This includes spotting (bleeding) between periods, changes in your libido, headaches or nausea. If you're buying Brevinor for the first time, these side effects should pass after the first three months so doctors recommend that you stick with your contraceptive method and contact if they persist.

There are certain precautions to consider before ordering Brevinor including the following. If you have or had:

  • Migraines or bad headaches
  • Problems with your heart
  • Problems with your liver
  • Jaundice
  • Thrombosis
  • Cervical, womb, vagina or breast cancer

When completing your online consultation with us, it is important to disclose any conditions you may have that could reduce effectiveness of Brevinor, or cause you further complications.

Whilst Brevinor is highly effective at preventing pregnancy, it does not offer any protection for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) so further barrier contraceptive methods such as condoms should be considered if you are unsure about the status of your sexual partner. It's also worth mentioning that you can still contract certain STIs even when using a condom. For example, viral infections that can appear of the genitalia or surrounding area.

Note: Decisions about treatment are for both the prescriber and the person to jointly consider during the consultation. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber’s.

Brevinor information
Product nameBrevinor
Active ingredient(s)Ethinylestradiol and Norethisterone
Lowest price£31.99
Trustpilot rating5/5
Trustpilot reviews1
AvailabilityIn stock
DescriptionBrevinor is a combined monophasic contraceptive offering almost complete protection from pregnancy
ExemptionSubject to medical prescription
Available dosage500mcg,35mcg
ApplicationOffering protection against pregnancy for women over 18
UsageTake 1 tablet a day for 21 days followed by a 7 day break
Drug classCombined pill (POM)
Alcohol consumptionNo influence
When breastfeedingNot recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
When pregnantNot recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
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