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Femodette pill available to order online without a doctor's appointment

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Femodette is a combined oral contraceptive pill that women can buy at OnlineClinic to successfully prevent pregnancy. In fact, Femodette providing contraceptive protection when used correctly. This medication contains artificial oestrogen and artificial progestogen, which work together to alter the womb lining and prevent sperm from entering the womb. This highly effective contraceptive pill makes it almost impossible for you to conceive. Femodette is also known to improve the skin's appearance, reduce excess body hair and make a woman's period significantly lighter, less painful and more regular.

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How to buy Femodette online?

Femodette oral contraceptive pills are available to order online at OnlineClinic in the recommended dose of 75mcg / 20mcg. Femodette can be ordered from us in packs of 63 or 126 pills. Inconvenient and unnecessary face-to-face doctor's appointments can be avoided by purchasing your medication online at OnlineClinic. Femodette contraceptive pills successfully preventing pregnancy when used correctly and can also improve the appearance of your skin, reduce excess body hair and lighten periods. Additional packs of Femodette tablets can be ordered online via our quick repeat ordering process. A reminder service will prompt you to buy additional tablets when they're required.

This is proven and highly effective oral contraceptive pill can be purchased at OnlineClinic quickly and confidentially after filling out a simple online consultation form. Once this is approved, your medication will be delivered to you via our fast and completely free next day delivery service. All of our medication is delivered in discreet packaging.

What is Femodette?

Femodette is a combined oral contraceptive that women can buy online to successfully prevent pregnancy. This medication contains the active ingredients ethinylestradiol and gestodene, which are synthetic versions of oestrogen and progesterone. Femodette is monophasic, meaning you will have to take constant doses of the hormones throughout the duration of your 21-day menstrual cycle. Femodette is taken in the recommended dose of 75mcg / 20mcg pills.

Using Femodette pills could help you to improve acne, reduce hirsutism (excess body hair), treat polycystic ovary syndrome and stop breakthrough bleeding. The combined pill is also proven to reduce menstrual pain, make periods lighter and more regular, and alleviate premenstrual symptoms.

Short facts about Femodette
How to take

Take 1 pill every day for 21 days and then take a 7 day break before beginning your next strip of pills.

How it works

Femodette tablets work by preventing ovulation, thickening the mucus in the cervix and by stopping the womb lining from thickening.


Femodette works in 3 ways to give you the best chance possible at preventing pregnancy. Also, if the pills are taken correctly you will be protected during the 7 day break.


You can buy Femodette pills at OnlineClinic in a recommended 75 mcg / 20 mcg dosage.

Side effects

Side effects aren't very common, but can possibly include nausea, breast tenderness and water retention.

How does Femodette work?

The oestrogen and progestogen in Femodette, much like Femodene, work together in three key ways: the oestrogen prevents ovulation; the progestogen thickens the mucous in the cervix; and the progestogen also prevents the womb lining from thickening.

These three actions have three different effects. The thickened cervical mucus makes it harder for sperm to reach the womb. Stopping ovulation means that even if sperm could reach the womb, it's almost impossible that there would be a mature egg waiting to be fertilised. Stopping the womb lining from developing prevents conception because, in the extremely rare case that an egg is fertilised, it can't implant in the womb lining so its source of nutrients is cut off and it can't develop.

How to take Femodette?

Listed below are some instructions with regards to how you should take Femodette contraceptive pills:

  • You must take one Femodette pill every day for 21 days.
  • You'll then have a seven-day break from taking pills before you start your next strip.
  • If you've taken your Femodette pills properly, you will be protected during the seven-day break.
  • If you forget to take one or two Femodette pills, you should take the last one you missed and continue with the pack as usual.
  • Forgetting three or more pills will stop Femodette from being as effective.
  • If this happens you should take the last pill you forgot, discard any excess pills and continue with the pack as usual.
  • It's important you remember to use alternative contraception for an additional seven days, because Femodette will no longer work effectively.


Femodette contraceptive pills are available to buy online from OnlineClinic in the recommended dose of 75mcg / 20mcg. This medication is available in packs of 63 or 126 tablets.

Side effects and precautions

Using Femodette can potentially cause weight changes. It may also cause you to develop yellow-brown patches on your skin and reduce your libido, though this is very uncommon. The combined pill is also known to possibly cause nausea, water retention, breast tenderness and thrush, for example. Any kind of hormonal contraceptive can cause side effects, but these should become milder with time once your body has adjusted to the hormone balance.

Before you buy Femodette contraceptive pills you should first consider the precautions associated with this medication:

  • Femodette pills should be taken with caution if you are obese or have heart failure, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, or a history of migraines or severe depression.
  • This medication should also be taken with caution if you are over the age of 35 or are a smoker.
  • Femodette pills should not be used if you have breast cancer, severe diabetes, angina, an irregular heart beat or heart valve disease.
  • This medication shouldn't be taken if you are over the age of 50 or are over the age of 35 and smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day.
  • You should not buy Femodette for yourself if you are currently breastfeeding.

Treatment Information

Treatment Information
Product Name: Femodette
Active Ingredient(s): Ethinylestradiol and Gestodene
Manufacturer: Bayer
Administration: Oral
Presentation: Tablets
Available Dosage: 20 mcg, 75 mcg
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Application: Offering protection against pregnancy for women over 18
Posology: Take 1 tablet a day for 21 days followed by a 7 day break
Description: Femodette is a combined mnophasic contraceptive pill that is 99% effective[1] at preventing pregnancy
Drug class: Combined pill (POM)
Alcohol consumption: No influence
When breastfeeding: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
When pregnant: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
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