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  • Package of Avomine 25mg promethazine teoclate 28 tablets
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10 tablets £19.99

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How to buy Avomine online?

Avomine travel sickness tablets are available to order online at OnlineClinic in the recommended dose of 25mg. You can buy Avomine in packs containing 10 or 28 tablets. Ordering this travel sickness treatment from OnlineClinic ensures that the inconvenience of obtaining and attending a doctor's appointment can be completely avoided. Avomine tablets can effectively prevent and treat the symptoms associated with travel sickness, brought on by both short haul and long haul journeys in boats (sea sickness), planes, trains and cars. More packs of Avomine tablets can be ordered online by using our repeat ordering process. A handy reminder service will prompt you to buy extra tablets when they're needed.

This proven [1] and effective travel sickness treatment can be ordered quickly and securely online at OnlineClinic after filling out a simple online consultation form. Once approved, your medication will be delivered to you via our fast and completely free next day delivery service.

What is Avomine?

You can buy Avomine (promethazine theoclate) tablets online to successfully treat symptoms of travel sickness. Avomine achieves this by blocking the function of histamines inside the body. As the active ingredient promethazine is an antihistamine, it can inhibit the normal function of histamines in conjunction with motion sickness, which is to cause the body to feel nauseas and possibly vomit. In doing so the medication can alleviate travel sickness caused by boat (sea sickness), plane, train and car travel. Avomine is taken orally in the form of a 25mg tablet.

Short facts about Avomine
How to take

For long haul journeys take 1 tablet the night before you start travelling. For short haul journeys take 1 tablet 1-2 hours before you travel.

How it works

Avomine blocks histamine receptors in the "vomiting centre" of the brain. This prevents disturbances from triggering the vomit reflex.


Avomine can successfully treat travel sickness associated with boats (sea sickness), planes, trains and car travel.


You can buy Avomine anti sickness pills for travel sickness at OnlineClinic in the recommended dose of 25 mg.

Side effects

Side effects aren't very common, but may possibly include drowsiness, dizziness and loss of appetite.

How does Avomine work?

When individuals experience travel sickness or motion sickness it's because there may be a disturbance of the inner ear, which links directly into the "vomiting centre" of the brain. This in turn can cause the body to react by inducing vomiting and nausea. Avomine works by blocking histamine receptors inside this area of the brain, significantly reducing the chances of vomiting or experiencing discomfort, as disturbances will no longer trigger the vomit reflex.

How to take Avomine?

Found below are some helpful instructions and tips relating to how you should take the Avomine travel sickness tablets:

  • Exact prescription guidelines will accompany the medication but generally it's recommended that Avomine tablets should be taken at least one or two hours before travelling.
  • When travelling long distances the tablets will need to be taken the evening before instead.
  • This travel medication may cause drowsiness, so it's advised not to take the treatment with alcohol, sleeping tablets, painkillers or other antihistamines.


Avomine travel sickness tablets are available to buy at OnlineClinic in the recommended dosage of 25mg. This is the recommended dose according to our doctors. This medication can be ordered in packs of 10 or 28 tablets.

Side effects and precautions

Side effects of Avomine should be mild if experienced at all. Potential side effects may include drowsiness, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and loss of appetite. More serious reactions can include blurred vision, confusion, rash, palpitations, low blood pressure, photosensitivity and tremor. If any of these side effects present themselves you should discontinue treatment and seek medical attention immediately.

Before you buy Avomine anti travel sickness pills it is important that you take into account the following precautions:

  • Avomine tablets should be taken with caution if you have bronchitis, asthma, epilepsy, severe coronary disease, an enlarged prostate gland, decreased kidney or liver function, or closed angle glaucoma.
  • Avomine tablets should not be taken are experiencing extreme drowsiness caused by medicines, are in a comatose state, have galactose intolerance, or if you're currently taking a medication called minoamine-oxidase inhibitor antidepressant (MAOI).
  • You should not buy Avomine tablets if you are breastfeeding and should exercise caution when taking this medication during pregnancy.

Note: Decisions about treatment are for both the prescriber and the person to jointly consider during the consultation. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber’s.

Avomine information
Product name Avomine
Active ingredient(s) Promethazine Teoclate
Manufacturer Manx Healthcare
Lowest price£19.99
Trustpilot rating -
Trustpilot reviews -
Availability Out of stock
Description An effective treatment for motion sickness
Exemption Subject to medical prescription
Administration Oral
Presentation Tablets
Available dosage 25mg
Application Adults who struggle with motion sickness
Posology Consult patient leaflet
Drug class Antihistamines
Alcohol consumption Avoid drinking alcohol
When pregnant/breastfeeding Caution advised, consult your doctor
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medical form
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